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The Sharp Cricket Ground, Larkhill, (SCG) is the home of Gunner Cricket. The Royal Artillery Cricket Club (RACC) has been based here since 2003. This venue has developed into the finest cricket ground in the British Army thanks to the dedication and diligence of members and ground staff. It is a pleasure, but also a privilege to play cricket at the SCG and both players and spectators are reminded of the Spirit of Cricket which is maintained at the highest level.

The SCG is a military sports facility within a military establishment and is available to units and sub units when not required for RACC or representative matches. The SCG is NOT available to external, civilian clubs.

Access and use of the SCG is controlled by the Club Manager. Availability and booking requests should be submitted via the web-from on the right hand side of this page. Please ensure that all the required information is provided and that any specific requirements are included. Costs may be incurred and charges may apply.