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In a thrilling final, the Gunners prevailed over REME to win the Surridge Trophy by 30 runs. On the way, the Guns overcame their old rivals, the Sappers, in a semi-final that was the scene of massive batting and missed opportunities.

A great day for Gunner Cricket and a great showcase for Army's Inter Corp Cricket. Once again, all thanks are due to Colonel Peter Sharland and his team for the tremendous work that goes into this fantastic festival of cricket.

More pictures and match reports will follow.

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A blustery day that saw sight screens topple, covers blown off the pitch and Govy knocking sixes like they were going out of fashion, scoring 101 (and, allegedly, taking out a passing car on the road outside the ground). The Gunner innings ended with 209 runs scored and, despite a few scares when RLC really got going, RACC made it safely home with 54 runs to spare.

There was a tense wait for the result of the AGC v RSigs game as the outcome would be critical to a Gunner place in tomorrow's Cup semi-finals. An extended interval between innings, due to rain, didn't help the nerves, but Blandford Camp's finest won the day and we'll now meet our 'old friends', the Sappers in the semi.

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The Gunners won both of their opening matches on Day 1 of the Surridge Inter Corps Twenty20 competition at Larkhill. In the opening match, against Intelligence Corps, it was a very close game in which the middle order of both sides imploded. However, outstanding bowling, by Parveen Kumar, proved decisive. His figures of 4-1-8-5 were crucial in securing the Gunners a 17 run win and his place on the Honours Board.

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Match 2 in the Power Cup will take place at the Sharp Ground, Larkhill, on Thursday, 16 May. Our visitors, RAPTC CC, new to this competition, should make interesting opponents. As usual, the Admin Letter and Squad Selection are attached to this posting and it is essential that all players make their availability known to the Secretary (contact details are those on the Admin Letter) as soon as possible. Should any player have difficulty obtaining release for this game, the Secretary must be advised without delay.

Players and members are reminded that they must log-in to view and download the attachments.

2013 McDonnell Trophy

29 Apr 2013
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This year's RA Inter Unit Cricket Competition will take place at Larkhill and Tidworth, 20 - 24 May. So far, seven Regiments have indicated intention to compete. Confirmation is now sought and Cricket Officers are requested to contact Secretary, RACC, with their returns, as soon as possible, please.

Full information regarding entry details are attached to this posting, including the Squad Return Form. Users are reminded to log-in to view and download the documentation.

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The 2013 Inter Corps Twenty20 Festival for the Surridge Trophy will take place 08 - 10 May. The pool games for Day 1 will take place, this year, at the Sharp Ground, Larkhill as Deepcut is not available. All subsequent matches, on Days 2 and 3, will be played at ACA Aldershot.

The Admin letter and squad selection are attached to this posting. Members and players are reminded that they must log-in to view and download the documentation. Players are requested to confirm availability to the Secretary as soon as possible.

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The opening 2013 Power Cup game is on Wednesday, 17 April at Larkhill.

Apologies for the late notice, however, Trials last week, Easter leave and a CDT have precluded an earlier notice although most players should already be aware. Thank you for your forbearance

The Club is still on the look-out for new players. We are the best side in the Army but are missing some of our senior players this season and need to regroup quickly; so please charge your cricket officers with uncovering some fresh talent and getting in touch!

Your attention is drawn to the Army Sport Travel DIN which is attached. It covers all transport issues (from the Rep Sport Travel Budget – not Units) and also includes use of personal vehicles, fuelling and JPA claims meaning any transport issues should be overcome, even at late notice.

The admin letter and a copy of the travel DIN are attached to this entry and may be viewed or downloaded by first logging into the site.

Retired Gunners

03 Apr 2013
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If you are a Retired Gunner, come back and play in the friendly fixtures Tim has arranged for the 2013 season. You can get in touch through this website, on the Facebook page or just give one of us a ring. There are several more this year than we have had for some time - hopefully the Gods will give us suitable conditions. While accommodation at Larkhill is still not easy, it is by no means impossible so please don't let that stop you if you are available but have distance to travel.

Archive Update

02 Apr 2013
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The Archives have been updated to include match summaries for 1899, 1900, 1901, 1943, 1976 and 2007-2012 Additional details have been added and corrections made to other years.

Site Maintenance

02 Apr 2013
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Most of the maintenance has been successfully completed. However, until further notice, new account creation will continue as an Admin staff action. Additionally, the Contacts page remains suspended. Further information will be available, shortly. RACC apologises for any inconvenience caused.