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Training & Annual General Meeting

15 Jan 2015
Posted by Admin

An indoor training session will be held at Larkhill on Wednesday, 11 February, commencing 10:00hrs. Whilst this event is primarily aimed at existing squad members, Units are requested to identify any new talent (playing, officiating and administrative) at the earliest opportunity. Cricket Officers should contact the Secretary.

The training session will be followed by a 'bonding' exercise and a short cricket tour to the Maldives (Secretary speak for a curry). We are building our strongest challenge for the Inter Corps T20 and Power Cup Competitions, plus the Gunner-Sapper match, in this, the Club's 250th year. We will also participate in part of the UBIQUE 300 celebration, in February 2016, when the Club tours Australia. Personal performance this year will be key to inclusion in the tour squad.

The AGM will be held at HQ 1 Arty Bde at 10:00hrs on Thursday, 12 February. Attendees should confirm participation with the Secretary. The Agenda and other information will be posted, on the website, nearer the above date.