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Result - RACC v RECC - Power Cup Group C

23 Jun 2014
Posted by Admin

39 runs was the difference between the Sappers who proceed to the Super 6 phase of the Power Cup and the Gunners who now find themselves pitted against Army Air Corps in the Plate Semi Final. It was an enjoyable match by any account. The Gunners bowled well and were sharp in the field. In contrast, their batting struggled to really get going and the controversial run out, which saw Wiseman's departure, did not help. Graham top scored, for the RACC and was on 47 when dismissed, looking to go much further.

That said, a good game which was deservedly won by the Sappers with the Spirit of Cricket prevailing. Revenge will be sought at the Gunner - Sapper match, next month but, in the interim, we wish the Royal Engineers success in the Power Cup.

The scorecards from the match are available at