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Gunners vs Sappers

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Gunner-Sapper rivalry stems from the days when Gunner and Sapper officers were trained at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; all other officers attended Sandhurst. The first Gunner-Sapper match was played at Woolwich in 1864. Thereafter, until 1906, there were two matches each year, one at Woolwich and one at Chatham.

YearPitchResultCaptainCents5+ Wkts
ChathamRA won by 126 runs
1867ChathamRA won by 102 runsW E Denison: 12 Wkts in the match
WoolwichRA won by 5 wkts
1868ChathamRA won by 6 wktsF Campbell: 14 Wkts in the match
WoolwichRA won by 30 runs
1869ChathamRE won by an inns & 31 runsCapt E C Bolton: 5 -
WoolwichDrawW F M Huthchinson: 5 - & 6 -
1870ChathamRA won by 6 wktsSgt Willis: 11 Wkts in the match
WoolwichRA won by an inns & 103 runs
1871ChathamDrawA S Griffiths: 7 -
WoolwichRA won by an inns & 161 runsW E Denison: 5 -
1872ChathamRE won by 47 runsT P M Pattie: 5 -Col G A Milman: 5 -
WoolwichDrawP W H Miles: 6 -
1873ChathamDrawPWH Miles - 126E W Selby: 8 -
WoolwichRE won by an inns & 16 runs
1874ChathamRE won by an inns & 73 runsCapt W F M Hutchinson: 6 -
1875ChathamRE won by an inns & 321 runs
WoolwichRE won by 10 wkts
1876WoolwichRE won by 9 wktsP W H Miles: 6 -
ChathamRE won by an inns & 18 runs
1877ChathamRA won by 125 runs
WoolwichRA won by an inns & 141 runs
1878ChathamRA won by 10 wktsMsn J J Boyes - 110
WoolwichRA won by an inns & 182 runsMsn J J Boyes - 173
1879ChathamRE won by 4 wkts
WoolwichRE won by 6 wkts
1880ChathamRE won by an inns & 30 runs
1881ChathamRE won by an inns & 78 runs
1882ChathamRA won by 10 wkts
WoolwichRA won by 8 wkts
1884ChathamRE won by 8 wkts
WoolwichRE won by 6 wkts
1885WoolwichRE won by an inns & 47 runs
ChathamRE won by an inns & 301 runs
1886ChathamRE won by an inns & 196 runs
1887ChathamRE won by 9 wkts
WoolwichRE won by an inns & 2 runs
1888ChathamRA won by 26 runs
WoolwichRE won by 2 wkts
1889ChathamRE won by an inns & 118 runs
WoolwichDrawBdr V A Barton - 103
1890ChathamRA won by 152 runs
WoolwichRE won by 35 runs
1891WoolwichRA won by 5 wkts
ChathamRA won by an inns & 1 run
1892ChathamRA won by 57 runs
WoolwichRE won by an inns & 18 runs
1893WoolwichRE won by 8 wkts
ChathamRE won by an inns & 90 runs
WoolwichDrawCapt F W D Quinton - 122*
1895WoolwichRA won by 7 wkts
WoolwichRE won by 10 wkts
1897WoolwichRE won by 8 wkts
ChathamRA won by an inns & 1 run
WoolwichDrawA J Turner - 115
1899WoolwichRE won by 17 runs
1900WoolwichRA won by 41 runs
ChathamRE won by 141 runs
1901WoolwichRA won by 6 wkts
ChathamRA won by 131 runs
1902ChathamCancelled (Royal Artilleryin?)
WoolwichRA won by an inns & 19 runsCapt A P Douglas - 107
1903WoolwichRained off
ChathamRE won by an inns & 69 runs
1904ChathamRA won by 6 wktsL C P Milman - 132
WoolwichRE won by an inns & 64 runs
1905WoolwichRE won by 219 runsMaj A J Turner - 112
ChathamRE won by 9 wktsP G Robinson - 117*
1906ChathamRA won by 93 runs
1907WoolwichDrawF R R Brooke - 104*
1908Lord’sDrawMaj A J Turner - 102
1909Lord’sDrawP G Robinson - 194*
1910Lord’sRA won by 9 wkts
1911Lord’sRA won by 1 wkt
1913Lord’sRA won by 1 wktCapt P G Robinson - 156
1914Lord’sRA won by an inns & 163 runsCapt W M Fitz Turner - 100
1915War Stopped Play
1916War Stopped Play
1917War Stopped Play
1918War Stopped Play
1919Lord’sRA won by 5 wktsMaj F R R Brooke - 118*
1920Lord’sRA won by 8 wkts
1921Lord’sRA won by 8 wkts
1923Lord’sRA won by 179 runs
1924Lord’sRE won by 9 wkts
1925Lord’sDrawG C S B Cooke - 109*
1926Lord’sRE won by 7 wkts
1928Lord’sDrawR E H Hudson - 114*
1929Lord’sRE won by 188 runs
1932Lord’sDrawR E Hewetson - 100*
1933Lord’sRA won by 7 wktsR E H Hudson - 130*
1935Lord’sRA won by 8 wktsR E H Hudson - 108*
1937Lord’sDrawW A R Sumner - 157
1938Lord’sRA won by 228 runsC P Hamilton - 205
1939Lord’sDrawH W F Fox - 158
1940War Stopped Play
1941War Stopped Play
1942War Stopped Play
1943War Stopped Play
1944War Stopped Play
1945War Stopped Play
1946AldershotDrawLt Col J E F Linton
1947Lord’sDrawLt Col J E F Linton
1948Lord’sDrawLt Col R E H HudsonLt Col R H Hewetson - 134*
1949Lord’sRE won by 10 wktsLt Col R H Hewetson
1950Lord’sDrawBrig R H HewetsonCapt H B C Gardner - 143*
1951Lord’sDrawMaj J A T SharpMaj J A T Sharp - 108
1952Lord’sDrawMaj J A T Sharp2Lt G W Horrex - 100
1953Lord’sDrawLt Col C C Garthwaite
1954Lord’sRA won by 10 wktsMaj H B C Gardner
1955Lord’sDrawMaj H B C Gardner
1956Lord’sRA won by 5 wktsMaj H B C Gardner2Lt D D Phipps - 107
1957Lord’sDrawMaj H B C Gardner
1958Lord’sDrawMaj G F Grace
1959Lord’sDrawMaj H B C GardnerGnr B W Luckhurst - 100*
1960Lord’sDrawMaj H B C Gardner
1961Lord’sDrawMaj H B C Gardner
1962Lord’sRA won by 9 wktsMaj J Drew
1963WoolwichRE won by 7 runsMaj J Drew
1964ChathamDrawMaj J Drew
1965WoolwichDrawCapt D S Williams
1966ChathamDrawCapt J M Jones
1967WoolwichRE won by 8 wktsMaj J R Tozer
1968ChathamDrawCapt D S Williams
1969WoolwichRA won by 6 wktsLt P J Wagstaffe
1970ChathamRE won by 7 wktsMaj D S Williams
1971WoolwichDrawLt Col R M Brennan
1972ChathamRE won by 52 runsMaj T R N McDonnell
1973WoolwichRA won by 4 wktsMaj T R N McDonnell
1974ChathamDrawMaj T R N McDonnell
1975WoolwichDrawCapt P J Wagstaffe
1976ChathamDrawMaj J W M Kincaid
1977WoolwichRE won by 8 wktsCapt P J Wagstaffe
1978ChathamRA won by 9 wktsCapt P J Wagstaffe2Lt C R Clark - 117
1979WoolwichDrawCapt R J White
1980ChathamDrawCapt R J White
1981WoolwichRA won by 7 wktsCapt P J Wagstaffe
1982ChathamDrawCapt P J Wagstaffe
1983WoolwichDrawLt Col P J Wagstaffe
1984ChathamDrawCapt C R ClarkLt N V Gordon - 100*Maj A J Creswell - 114*
1985WoolwichDrawMaj A J Creswell
1986ChathamDrawLt Col P A Salisbury
1987WoolwichDrawLt Col P A Salisbury
1988ChathamDrawLt J W S Cotterill
1989WoolwichRA won by 4 wktsLt J W S Cotterill
1990ChathamRA won by 9 wktsCapt J W S Cotterill
1991WoolwichDrawCapt J W S CotterillCapt J W S Cotterill - 163
1992ChathamDrawCapt J W S Cotterill
1993WoolwichDrawCapt J W S CotterillCapt J W S Cotterill - 122
1994ChathamDrawCapt J W S Cotterill
1995WoolwichDraw1995 Maj M P Banham
1996ChathamDrawCapt J W S Cotterill
1997WoolwichDrawCapt P R Bates
1998WoolwichRE wonMaj J W S Cotterill
1999WoolwichDrawMaj C R ClarkMaj J G Caiger - 138
2000ChathamDrawMaj C R Clark
2001SandhurstDrawBdr I Forrester
2002ChathamDrawMaj P R BatesMaj F W G Whiting - 125
2003 Larkhill RE won by 8 wickets Maj P R Bates
2004 Chatham DrawCapt T R Osman
2005 Larkhill RA won by 221 runs Capt T R Osman
2006 Chatham DrawMaj P R Bates
2007 Larkhill Draw Capt T R Osman
2008 Chatham RA won by 7 wickets Maj J W S Cotterill