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2012 - Fixtures and Results

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Date Opponent Venue Result
18 Apr AAC Larkhill Won w/o
25 Apr R Sigs Larkhill Rained off
20 May HAC Armoury House Won by 202 runs
23 May Defence Academy Larkhill Won by 69 runs
29 May Sandhurst Foundation RMAS Cancelled
30 May RLC Deepcut Won by 102 runs
10 Jun Band of Brothers Woolwich Rained off
13 Jun Infantry Larkhill Lost by 11 runs
21/22/23 Jun RE Chatham Lost by and inns & 82 runs
27 Jun R Sigs Blandford Won by 6 wkts (i)
28 Jun Wiltshire Queries Larkhill Draw
4 Jul RMAS Sandhurst Rained off
14 Jul President's XI Larkhill (iii)
15 Jul HAC Larkhill Won by 177 runs
5 Sep Int Corps Aldershot Lost by 9 wkts (iv)
5 Sepl AMS Aldershot Won by 6 wkts (iv)
6 Sep RLC Aldershot Won by 3 wkts (v)
7 Sep AGC Aldershot Won by 9 wkts (vi)
7 Sep RE Aldershot Lost by 3 runs (vii)
12 Sep REME Aldershot Won by 181 runs (ii)


113*    Sgt A D Cooksey    v Int Corps

5 or more wickets in an innings:



(i)   Inter Corps Power Cup Semi-final
(ii)   Inter Corps Power Cup Final (Postponed from 11 Jul because of rain)
(iii)   This match was played as under 35s v over 35s, each side consisting mainly of Gunners. It has not been included in the summary of results for the season.
(iv)   Inter Corps Twenty20 Trophy, League A
(v)   Inter Corps Twenty20 Trophy, Top 8 Play-off
(vi)   Inter Corps Twenty20 Trophy, Plate Semi-final
(vii)   Inter Corps Twenty20 Trophy, Plate Final