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1997 - Fixtures and Results

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Date Opponent Venue Result
22-May AAC Topcliffe (1)
28-May RMAS Sandhurst (1)
29-May Infantry Woolwich Lost (2)
2-Jun R Sigs Blandford Lost (2)
7-Jun Gentlemen of Essex Woolwich Cancelled
8-Jun HAC Woolwich Lost by 135 runs
9-Jun REME Arborfield Lost by 185 runs
13-Jun RLC Aldershot Lost w/o
15-Jun Stragglers of Asia Woolwich Lost by 127 runs
22-Jun Butterflies Woolwich (1)
24-Jun AGC Woolwich Lost (2)
25-Jun RM Woolwich (1)
28/29 Jun Band of Brothers Woolwich Cancelled
3-Jul RAC Bovington Lost (2)
5-Jul XL Club Woolwich Cancelled
6-Jul Free Foresters Woolwich Lost by 78 runs
9-Jul AMS Aldershot Won w/o
18/19 Jul RE Woolwich Draw
27-Jul Cryptics Woolwich (1)

Centuries: (records incomplete)

None recorded

5 or more wickets in an over: (records incomplete)

5 – 98    Lt C B Day    v HAC


  1. There are no match reports in Gunner, nor is there a report for the season.  No scorebook can be found.  Results of these matches are, therefore, not known at present.  The AAC has not kept records, but its secretary, of the time, feels sure that the match, at Topcliffe, did not take place.
  2. Inter-Corps Competition (Grouse) matches.  Results obtained from Army Cricket Association which has no record of margins of victory/defeat.