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1992 - Fixtures and Results

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Date Opponent Venue Result
10-May Cricketers Club of London Woolwich (3)
11-May RN Portsmouth Won by 3 wkts
16-May I Zingari Woolwich Lost by 8 wkts
17-May Stragglers of Asia Woolwich Draw
27-May RMAS Sandhurst Draw
29-May RCT Aldershot Draw (2)
30-May Hampshire Hogs Warnford Lost by 5 wkts
31-May Adastrians Uxbridge (3)
1-Jun REME Woolwich Lost by 215 runs
13/14 Jun Band of Brothers Woolwich Lost by 76 runs
15-Jun R Sigs Woolwich Lost by 9 runs
21-Jun Butterflies Woolwich Won by 6 wkts
22-Jun Infantry Tidworth Draw
23-Jun RAC Bovington Won by 6 wkts
27-Jun Cryptics Woolwich (3)
1-Jul RMCS Shrivenham (3)
4-Jul XL Club Woolwich Draw
5-Jul Free Foresters Woolwich (3)
6-Jul RM Woolwich Lost by 40 runs
11-Jul HAC Armoury House Draw
12-Jul RA BAOR Woolwich Draw
17/18 Jul RE Chatham Draw
19-Jul Gentlemen of Essex Woolwich Lost by 112 runs
22-Jul RAOC Woolwich Won (1)
26-Jul Chislehurst & West Kent Woolwich Won by 83 runs


100*  2Lt M J Smith    v I Zingari
143*  Capt J W S Cotterill    v Stragglers of Asia
102*  Lt Col P A Salisbury    v Hampshire Hogs
159    Lt C W Barker    v XL Club
117    Capt J W S Cotterill    v Chislehurst & West Kent

5 or more wickets in an innings:

7 – 23    Capt J W S Cotterill    v Butterflies
6 – 88    Brig J W M Kincaid    v Infantry
5 – 46    Capt J W S Cotterill    v RAC
5 – 63    Maj D A L Lawson    v RM
6 – 45    Msn P A Hill    v RE


  1. Although not mentioned in scorebook, this game was played.  It is an Inter-Corps Competition (Grouse) match.  Result has been obtained from Army Cricket Association, which has no record of margin of victory.  If anyone scored a century or took 5 or more wickets, it will be missing from the lists below.
  2. Also a Grouse match.  This game may or may not have been played.  Army Cricket Association table shows it as a draw.  However, at this time rained off matches were counted as draws.  If it was played, anyone who scored a century or took 5 or more wickets, will be missing from the lists below.
  3. Also not mentioned in scorebook.  Scrutiny of the season’s averages suggests that they were not played and were probably cancelled or rained off.