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1988 - Fixtures and Results

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Date Opponent Venue Result
1-May Butterflies Woolwich Cancelled
7-May Hampshire Hogs Warnford Won by 95 runs
8-May Stragglers of Asia Woolwich Lost by 66 runs
13/14 May RM Woolwich (1)
22-May Cryptics Woolwich Won by 5 wkts
25-May Infantry Tidworth Lost by 131 runs
29-May RAOC Woolwich Lost by 7 wkts
1-Jun RMAS Sandhurst Won by 106 runs
5-Jun RCT Woolwich Won by 6 wkts
8-Jun RMCS Shrivenham Draw
12-Jun Chislehurst & West Kent Woolwich Won by 126 runs
18/19 Jun Band of Brothers Woolwich Draw
22-Jun R Sigs Blandford Lost by 155 runs
23-Jun RAC Bovington Lost by 28 runs
2-Jul XL Club Woolwich Won by 7 wkts
10-Jul Free Foresters Woolwich Lost by 7 wkts
22/23 Jul RE Chatham Draw
24-Jul Gentlemen of Essex Woolwich Lost by 3 wkts
30-Jul HAC Armoury House Lost by 5 wkts
31-Jul Adastrians Uxbridge Lost by 2 wkts


102    Capt D R Evans    v RCT
154*  Lt J W S Cotterill    v Chislehurst & West Kent

5 or more wickets in an innings:

6 – 25    Lt J W S Cotterill    v Hampshire Hogs
5 – 68    Lt P F Curzon    v RCT


  1. Not mentioned in scorebook.  Probably rained off or cancelled.