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1913 - Fixtures and Results

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Date Opponent Venue Result
21/22 May Household Brigade Burton Court Draw
23/24 May RMA Woolwich Woolwich RMA Won by an inns & 33 runs
30/31 May I Zingari Shoeburyness Cancelled
11/12 Jun The Mote Maidstone Lost by 6 wkts
13/14 Jun Free Foresters Shoeburyness Draw
13/14 Jun County Kilkenny Kilkenny Won by an inns & 36 runs
20/21 Jun Staff College Camberley Draw
20/21 Jun Phoenix CC Dublin Draw
23/24 Jun Aldershot Command Aldershot Draw
23/24 Jun County Kildare Naas Won by 135 runs
25/26 Jun Yorkshire Gentlemen Woolwich Draw
27/28 Jun Eton Ramblers Woolwich Won by an inns & 36 runs
30Jun/01 Jul Oxford University Authentics Woolwich Won by 9 wkts
02/03 Jul ASC Woolwich Draw
11/12 Jul Gentlemen of Essex Shoeburyness Draw
14/15 Jul Free Foresters Woolwich Draw
16/17 Jul Harlequins Woolwich Draw
18/19 Jul Devon Dumplings Plymouth Lost by 103 runs
21/22 Jul MCC Lord’s Lost by 9 runs
25/26 Jul RE Lord’s Won by 1 wkt
28/29 Jul Band of Brothers Woolwich Draw
30/31 Jul I Zingari Woolwich Draw
04/05 Aug Capt A G Weigall’s XI Woodhall Spa Draw
06/07 Aug Sir P Walker’s XI Osmaston Lost by 6 wkts
11/12 Aug Hampshire Hogs Portsmouth Draw
13/14 Aug Old Cliftonians Portsmouth Draw
15/16 Aug RN Portsmouth Won by 6 wkts
18/19 Aug Sir George Meyrick’s XI Hinton Admiral Lost by 44 runs


151 Maj W J Fowler v Free Foresters (at Shoeburyness)
113 E B Maxwell v County Kilkenny
127 H Gardner v Staff College
193 H Gardner v Aldershot Command
126 E B Maxwell v County Kildare
115 F R R Brooke v Eton Ramblers
130 Capt H F Stopford v Eton Ramblers
100*  K G Ireland v Oxford University Authentics
111 J D Campbell v ASC
110*  Capt W L Foster v Free Foresters (at Woolwich)
150 Capt L L Hoare v Free Foresters (at Woolwich)
156 Capt P G Robinson v RE
181 H Gardner v Band of Brothers
136 & 104*  F R R Brooke v I Zingari
100*  N W Wells-Cole v Capt A G Weigall’s XI
110 P H Murray v RN

5 wickets or more in an innings:

6 – Sgt McGibbon v Household Brigade
6 – 36 J McA Dickson v RMA Woolwich
6 – 39 Maj H E Stockdale v The Mote
7 – CSM Warren v Free Foresters (at Shoeburyness)
5 – Capt A W Bartholomew v County Kilkenny
5 – 31 Capt J A Scarlett v County Kilkenny
6 – H F Willcocks v Staff College
6 – Capt A W Bartholomew v Phoenix CC
5 – P M Medill v Aldershot Command
5 – & 7 – Capt A W Bartholomew v County Kildare (12- 108 in the match)
5 – F R R Brooke v Yorkshire Gentlemen
5 – R H Allen v Eton Ramblers
5 – Capt L C P Milman v Oxford University Authentics
6 – Capt L C P Milman v Harlequins
6 – 41 J McA Dickson v MCC
5 – 82 H F Willcocks v RE
5 – N W Wells-Cole v Capt A G Weigall’s XI
6 – N W Wells-Cole v Sir P Walker’s XI
6 – & 8 – 28 Capt P G Robinson v Sir George Meyrick’s XI


Where no runs appear in the bowling figures above, full analyses were not recorded in the RAI Leaflet.